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Tavola domenicale #8

Chiudiamo l’ottava settimana con un certo ritardo..

(CC-BY-SA, Wikimedia Foundation)
La copertina dell'Annual Report di WMF

Le ultime storie che abbiamo raccontato sono state quelle di Pigr8, Paola a proposito della festa a Rimini, MM sulla gita romana e Giuseppe con le notizie da Santa Ninfa.

In questi giorni Wikimedia Foundation ha pubblicato l’annual report 2009-10, che racconta l’anno fiscale che va dal primo luglio 2009 al 30 giugno 2010 e le previsioni per l’anno 2010/2011.
Nel report si parla di

  • piano strategico
  • Wikimania 2009
  • collaborazione col British Museum
  • le immagini donate dal Tropenmuseum
  • la campagna di raccolta fondi 2009/2010
  • tante altre cose..!

Felice decimo anniversario, Wikipedia!

Anche Sue Gardner, Executive Director di Wikimedia Foundation, ha la sua storia da raccontare:

Ten years ago today, Jimmy Wales typed Hello World! into a wiki, and Wikipedia was born.

(CC-BY-SA Lane Hartwell)

Today, Wikipedia’s the fifth most-popular site on the internet, and the only site in the top 25 that provides a wholly non-commercial public service, backed by a non-profit. It’s the largest collection of information ever assembled in human history: free to use, and free of advertising. If you’re reading it, it’s for you :-)

The anniversary’s an opportunity for us all to reflect on Wikipedia: its social impact, and what we want to accomplish in the next ten years. There’s been a lot of thoughtful media coverage over the past few weeks: you can read a lot of it here.

What makes me happy about the coverage is that it seems like people’s attitudes towards Wikipedia have finally turned an important corner.

In its early years, Wikipedia was one of our culture’s dirty little secrets: everybody used it, but very few were comfortable saying so. For the longest time, the only people who openly admitted loving Wikipedia were early adopters and iconoclasts.

Today though, journalists, educators and culture critics are finally embracing Wikipedia, acknowledging that its strengths vastly outweigh its weaknesses, and that its fundamental premise works. (A reporter told me the other day that mocking Wikipedia is “so 2007.” LOL.)

So today, we celebrate all the people who built this extraordinary thing. The engineers who made the code. The people who write the articles, fix the typos, smooth the text, localize the software, answer readers’ mail, and fight off vandals and POV-pushers. The donors, who pay the bills.

I invite you to check out this page, where there are listed (at last count) 454 Wikipedia anniversary parties, conferences, film screenings and other events. If you can come to one –even if you’ve never edited or even ever met a Wikipedian– please do!

And if you can’t be with us in person, why not do a little celebratory editing? Wikipedia wants your help: here’s a really great place to get started.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped to build Wikipedia. What you’ve done is amazing. Happy anniversary!

Sue Gardner, Executive Director